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I am a web developer and open source advocate. I was born in Charleston, SC and now reside in Davidson, NC. I have always had an affinity for technology and art, so building websites was a natural choice for me. I see art in code, and I see code in art.

The beginning

In the late 90's I started building simple sites with HTML and CSS, this got me a job as a web designer for a local ISP. Before the company abandoned its web department to focus on wi-fi technologies, I picked up skills in Perl/CGI programming and began my love of Linux.

I picked up Javascript as a means to provide slideshows and animations to pages and, when Ajax became popular, used a few frameworks before settling on jQuery.

The PHP years and freelancing

I made some attempts to acquire an actual degree in computer sciences and programming, but was too busy actually programming to sit through lectures about programming.

By this time, I had all but abandoned Perl in favor of PHP.

I built many sites from raw PHP or various platforms like Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress. I also started to work with a framework called QCodo.

A friend of mine and I began piranhaMethod to combine our freelance exploits into a company where we could work as load balancers for each other. We worked on many sites with him acting primarily as sysadmin and my role was full-stack web developer.

It was also around this time that I started expanding languages to Java and Python.


When I am not coding, I enjoy pushing pixels. I prefer working on vector illustrations and page layouts, but I also do photo manipulation and banner ad designs.

The Front-end years

After growing tired of chasing clients and juggling development with accounting, as well as needing a more stable income, I applied for Lowe's as a Front End Developer.

Working at Lowe's, I was responsible for; global javascript libraries, user interface components, templating content, deploying and testing javascript with minification and documentation, and training other developers.

I am currently employed at Quicken Loans working on Javascript and PHP libraries. We are doing crazy things with AngularJS and RESTful APIs.

Going forward

I am happier as a full-stack developer and designer than being stuck in one part of the code. I am focusing towards node and server/client javascript.

All frivolous coding projects have halted, and my free time is dedicated less to code these days.

Open Source

The open-source movement changed my life. Closed-source systems require expensive textbooks and courses to learn, where anyone with curiosity and enough wit can look at open source code and learn by example.

The beauty of the open source community is that it doesn't stop at code. The willingness to share knowledge for the sake of bettering humanity is the real heart of everything we do.


I have been a core contributor to QCubed since it forked from QCodo. QCubed is a jQuery UI-based rapid-application development framework built in PHP.


Selenium IDE Batch Conversion Created 2018-12-07 20:20:24

Converting Selenium IDE scripts to code is great, but you need to do it from the UI and it isn't easily scriptable. I have fixed that.

Restheart + Angular JSON Schema Created 2018-08-26 07:27:54

Combine Restheart with Angular Schema Form to create apps quickly.

Browse Safely Created 2017-04-02 14:06:22

HTTPS all the things!, VPN and proxies, ad blockers, and other ways to be private and safe online.

Blackjack! Created 2017-03-26 15:15:59

A blackjack game I built.

Color Clock Created 2017-03-26 13:55:21

A javascript clock that displays time as color.

Creating this Post Created 2017-03-25 08:34:21

How I created this blog system.

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